​How FretDojo Doubled Their Online Membership In 5 Months Through Pay Per Click Ads








Greg O’Rourke is the founder of FretDojo, the premiere online music learning platform that has helped thousands of jazz guitarists worldwide improve their skills through online training courses. Amidst dwindling sales and the COVID-19 pandemic, Greg had to find a way to increase membership and ensure long-term business survival.

This success story will explore how Greg managed to 2x his online membership in 5 months through pay-per-click ads and set his business towards the right trajectory through Teach Traffic’s course and private coaching on online advertising.


Greg was in a pinch. He was experiencing diminishing returns from his marketing efforts, partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

He wasn’t getting enough leads from his email marketing to sustain his business in the long run.

At the same time, he was competing against some of the big competitors with more authoritative domains. This meant that it would take some time to get traffic from organic search.

As Greg says, “I was looking for an alternative way to get the word out there and bring in leads. That was the main challenge I was facing.”

Greg had seen Teach Traffic founder Ilana Wechsler speaking at various online and in-person events and always found her an excellent teacher.

“She explained online ads in a very clear and concise way.”

Ilana’s talks led Greg to Teach Traffic, a unique online community that gives you all the training tools and resources you need to master Pay Per Click advertising.



In order to support Greg to achieve his pay per click advertising goals Ilana crafted a customized strategy using the following steps:


On the call, Ilana helped Greg to get clear on:

  • Who his target customer was
  • Where his target customer hangs out online
  • What had worked for Greg in the past
  • What hadn’t worked for Greg in the past


Then Ilana worked with Greg to come up with a new offer to attract new members into his membership.

Ilana knew a similar offer had worked with a number of her past agency clients with great success, so it was worth trying.

“A converting offer is critical to success with paid ads to attract new customers.” – Ilana

Then Ilana worked with Greg to come up with a new offer to attract new members into his membership.

Ilana knew a similar offer had worked with a number of her past agency clients with great success, so it was worth trying.

“A converting offer is critical to success with paid ads to attract new customers.” – Ilana


The next step was to help Greg with his targeting on Facebook. Ilana helped Greg leverage his Facebook pixel and narrow down his target audience using advanced targeting techniques.

This worked exceptionally well, and combined with his new offer (in Step 2), was a game changer for Greg.

With his advanced targeting and great offer, he managed to turn his funnel into a self-liquidating offer (SLO) for cold traffic.

Sidenote: If you are unsure what a SLO offer is, essentially it is inexpensive entry-level purchase opportunity that leads your target audience toward investing in one or more substantial purchases. The best part about these offers is that the initial purchase typically pays your ad campaign costs.

Getting Greg’s funnel to be self-liquidating meant that Greg managed to get a return on his ads straight away, generating warm leads which converted into membership members on the backend.


With a ‘self-liquidating offer’ working on Facebook, the next step was to launch a holistic Retargeting campaign across multiple platforms – Google Search, Google Display, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

This then helped Greg realise the potential for advertising on YouTube as an additional platform to cold audiences on Facebook.

YouTube seemed like an obvious next platform to incorporate into his marketing since his target audience goes to YouTube for the exact type of content which Greg sells. It was a perfect market fit.


Ilana then helped Greg create a strategy for YouTube Ads for cold audiences. They tested the same offer, which was working on Facebook, but that didn’t work to the same success, so they came up with a completely different strategy, which worked incredibly well.

Greg now has diversified his traffic sources and has two platforms that convert cold audiences into membership customers.


Doubling Fretdojo’s Online Membership In 5 Months

After learning how to craft successful ad campaigns on Facebook and YouTube, Greg was able to increase his membership’s size “by more than double, very quickly, in about 4 to 5 months” from 100 to more than 200 students.

Since starting his paid traffic strategy eight months ago, he now has over 300 members.

For Greg, these results are life-changing.

As he says, “I’m able to sleep easier at night because I know that I’ve got a very reliable consistent income stream.”

He had a phenomenal experience with Teach Traffic. After receiving a crash course on online ads, Greg managed to grow his business and make better choices that push it forward.

As Greg says,

“The Teach Traffic membership really stands out compared to other similar offerings in this space. It’s simply incredible value.”


Greg has learned several essential aspects behind growing a business beyond devising effective online ad campaigns:

Get help on scaling business growth

Greg was able to grow Fretdojo by asking for help to figure out how
to proceed next. As he mentions,
“It's important to have a guide
when you're looking at scaling a business or, or breaking it out of its existing constraints and taking it to the next level.”

Rely on data to produce a
positive ROI

Track your result numbers and objectively analyze them. Coming from a creative background, Greg relied on intuition and creativity to grow his business. With Ilana’s help, Greg learned the analytical tools to expand his business.

Spend money to make money

Greg’s investment in Teach Traffic’s course paid off. In his words, “when you spend money, it's not actually an expense, it's an investment in the business's future."

Strategic thinking goes a
long way

As Greg says, “I'm now thinking much more strategically, as a business person. I'm more careful when it comes to what products I should be focusing on.”

​Why Learn With Ilana?

Hi, I’m Ilana Wechsler, former data analyst, turned PPC expert. I discovered the world of PPC about 10 years ago when I left the corporate world as a data analyst.

Funny, I’m actually not the usual sob story of someone who hated their job and always dreamt of being an entrepreneur – *yawn* (I swear, I’m VERY different to those ‘other’ Internet Marketers with their never-ending ‘rags to riches’ stories).

Truth is, I actually loved my job and had every intention of going back when I left for maternity leave.

But, to cut a long story short, I fell hopelessly in love with my son. Unable to bear the thought of only seeing him on week-ends, I decided to work from home.

Through a process of exploration, I discovered the world of PPC which was the perfect fit for my skills as a data analyst. I quickly fell under the spell of PPC and became even more enthusiastic when I saw the results I am getting for my clients!​

​Fast forward 10 years (and 3 kids later!), I’ve been running a dedicated PPC agency for many years where we have managed over $30 million on behalf of clients.

Now, I teach people how they can run profitable ad campaigns without needing an agency, here at Teach Traffic.

I also speak at numerous high level conferences around the world, such as:

  • Social Media Marketing World – San Diego (2019, 2020)
  • Sellers Summit – Miami (2019)
  • Digital Marketing Skillshare – Bali (2019)
  • SuperFast Business – Sydney (2018, 2020)
  • Digital Marketers Australia – Melbourne (2020)

I guess you could say that Pay per Click is a bit like another ‘baby’ —I’m a bit obsessed!

When I’m not helping people get amazing results from their PPC campaigns, here in Sydney. I wish I could say we simply take long walks on the beach, but the truth is ‘family time’ mainly consists of running between soccer practice and kids dance classes, as any fellow parent will know.


​If you are ready to take your PPC Campaigns (and therefore business) to ​the next level, then I’d love to help you in Teach Traffic.

I will personally help you grow your business using the strategies
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