Not sure you’ll be able to master Google Ads?

Here is some recent feedback I received from my workshop at Social Media Marketing World in February this year:

Hear what Greg has to say about Teach Traffic

I've been managing Google Ads for over 10 years but learned most of my advertising skills through other smaller courses and Google resources. Those resources have been useful to show the tactical how-tos of specific tasks but were often overwhelming as they included information that I didn't need to learn. Those resources fell short on providing a topline strategy.

Ilana's course has been a huge help for me to fill in the gaps from my past training, and also provides excellent strategic advice based on her many years of experience. Once I started reviewing course materials, I quickly discovered tips on tactics and strategies that I was able to implement right away to improve my clients' accounts. I only wish I'd found her course sooner!

Christina Kettman

Over the years we have used a number of Agencies to manage our PPC campaigns without really getting any significant return on our ad-spend.

After being told about Ilana and her training program we thought before we give up on PPC, we'd give it a go at learning how to manage our own account.

Being sceptical, I first did her free Facebook training course to test it out. The course was simple to follow and straight forward to implement and in the first month of running the campaign, we generated an extra 76 leads!

So I had no hesitation in joining the membership and immediately completed the Google Ads courses.

It's now been over a year since I completed the training and I can report that we consistently get a return on ad spend of between 150-200% and I only spend a small amount of time tweaking the account.

Ilana was always there to help with any questions that I had and her passion for PPC and teaching always showed.

Mark Standeven

We had a fantastic experience working
with Ilana from Green Arrow Digital. We
were put in touch through referrals by a
colleague. They really are the go-to
company for all your google and facebook
marketing needs. She helped us diagnose
issue with our existing campaign and
provided excellent advice that got us from
zero google patients last week to 4 in a


Within 2 days of launching one campaign, I have actually generated 2 real good leads, which is good for me, because this is the first time I have generated good leads
from adwords.


There's an easy way to up your PPC game. It's called Green Arrow Digital. I would recommend Ilana's training to anyone interested in making more money from paid traffic.

Gary Elley

First off, just wanted to say thanks for the course.

As far as 7 day challenges go, I think you have well and truly over delivered in terms of both content and value.

Also, the fact that you were so interactive answering questions and giving feedback was another real point of difference that a lot of people seem to lack.

It has been amazing info, just what I
needed as I'm getting started with my own
and clients ads again after some time away.

Once again, really appreciate the challenge
and as far as feedback goes, it was
definitely top quality.

Tim Baker