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About Ilana

Hi, I’m Ilana Wechsler, a former data analyst turned Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing expert.
I discovered the world of PPC about 10 years ago when I left the corporate world as a data analyst.

Funny, I’m actually not the usual sob story of someone who hated their job and always dreamt of being an entrepreneur – *yawn* (I swear, I’m VERY different to those ‘other’ Internet Marketers with their never-ending ‘rags to riches’ stories).

Truth is, I actually loved my job as a data analyst and had a very successful career working for some of the biggest names in the finance industry, like Goldman Sachs etc.

These days, I still have my agency however I’ve committed myself to teaching other business owners how they can run their own traffic WITHOUT needing an agency (here on Teach Traffic).

I am also fortunate enough to be invited to speak at a number of high level conferences all around the world, such as:

  • Social Media Marketing World (San Diego),
  • Sellers Summit (Miami),
  • Ontrapalooza (Santa Barbara),
  • SuperFastBusiness (Sydney),
  • DMSS (Bali).

Ilana's Getting Great Reviews

Ilana’s tips and strategies are absolutely GOLD! Really easy to listen to and is the highlight of my day! Thank you so much.
Thank you for sharing! This podcast has changed my business.
Ilana delivers high quality products and this podcast is no exception! I found the episodes filled with actionable insights and no fluff. Love your work Ilana! Keep ‘em coming!
I’ve paid for courses that offer less valuable content than this podcast. Highly recommended!
I listen to a lot of marketing podcasts and this podcast delivers the most up to date info for growing my small business online. Ilana’s approach gets straight to the gold, without all the small talk fluff! Highly recommended =)

Questions You Can Ask Ilana:

Ilana can talk on the following topics:

  • Lessons learned from $30 Million dollars in ad spend across multiple industries on multiple platforms

  • How to make paid traffic work for any niche on any budget

  • How to use Google & Facebook Ads together,
    so they are greater than the sum of their parts.

  • YouTube Ads – how to leverage YouTube ads for your market

  • Facebook Ads vs Google Ads vs YouTube Ads – which should you do for your business?

  • Don’t make these classic Google & Facebook Ad mistakes

  • How to get started with Google or Facebook Ads

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