Recording of Live Audit Session

13:30 - Putting Australia in your YouTube video title to avoid people who are not your targets (for Veronica)
15:15 - I'm having trouble tracking in LeadsHook so I cant track conversions when people are doing quizzes
19:00 - My friend's 4 church related websites got de-indexed, I need recommendations on what to check to fix it
21:42 - Checking the Google Search Console to see if there's an issue regarding the website
25:08 - Checking the guest training video regarding SEO in Teach Traffic to see if anything there will help as well regarding the de-indexing
27:00 - Checking Henry's account due to the skyrocketing spending the campaign is doing
34:24 - Setup conversion tracking for the booking (Henry)
38:40 - Do you have a course that teach setting up events?
40:00 - LeadsHook conversion tracking works differently
44:32 - Conversions flat lines on Trudy's dynamic ad campaign

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