Recording of Live Audit Session

00:20 - SemRush's data discrepancy
04:30 - Implementing negative keywords (Glenelg Orthopedics)
05:30 - Glenelg Orthopedics as a sample for Teach Traffic recording for the new Google Ads UI
07:18 - Implementing PDF guide for people especially in health space
11:00 - Requesting Google to change account type
16:04 - In-built referral programs for your customers
20:50 - Biggest needle mover for Henry - getting people he trained before to buy from him again (with less commitment)
22:30 - Referral program for dentists (Henry's workplace violence campaign)
23:43 - 3-Tier pricing strategy (Henry's workplace violence campaign)
26:23 - Get your VA to help get the Dentists' address for you to send something
31:48 - Would a Dynamic Search Campaign work for an affiliate link?
39:40 - What would be better? Pausing your ads or adjusting budgets?
42:16 - Facebook ad strategy, creating FB pages around SEO researched topic ideas
47:56 - The problem with YouTube (Searching for the magic pill)
50:50 - How Ilana maps out the topic she's talking about on a YouTube video
54:15 - Finding topics that doesn't have too much search volume and creating content around it
56:35 - Checking YouTube Analytics specifically the inspiration section to get topic ideas

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