Recording of Live Audit Session

02:33 - Is there a page wherein I can check the updated number of people searching for a term on a specific location?
03:22 - Keyword Planner exercise - showing that you should take the numbers with a grain of salt
08:22 - Ilana's recommendation to Henry for the Workplace Violence Training (How to capitalize the new legislation)
12:07 - Is Bing Ads worth checking to?
13:20 - Is there a way to make YouTube and Google Ads work together?
15:20 - How YouTube works with Google Ads
21:14 - What are you exactly be connecting with my Shopify and Google Analytics account and how does elevar come handy?
23:00 - In Google Merchant Center, should I add more product images?
25:35 - Setting up the 2 prompt high and low priority campaign
30:39 - How to check if my YouTube audience is setup correctly
33:21 - How to link YouTube to Google Ads
34:47 - Setting up YouTube Audience in Google Ads
39:11 - Running in-feed ads in YouTube
42:44 - What is your opinion on the length of a YouTube video?
45:02 - How to do intro according to Measure School
49:05 - Checking your competitors for content ideas

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