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Make 20​20 The Year You Grow Your Business 
With Pay Per Click Marketing!

So What Is Retargeting, Anyway?

Imagine someone comes to your website...
...they like what they see, and they want to contact you (or even buy your product).


However, just as they are about to click ‘Purchase’ or fill in the Contact Request form...
...something happens that interrupts them.... Like, their child falls over and starts screaming, or the phone rings.

Basically, life gets in the way!
We've all been there before...Right?

Then, the next day they are scrolling through their Facebook Newsfeed or reading an article on the New York Times...
...and miraculously, there is YOUR ad, prodding them to come back.

BAM! They just remembered you and click straight back to the order page.
See, the thing is, it’s not that they didn’t want your product or service yesterday, it’s just that life got in the way!

Hence the power of Retargeting ads.

Why Do You Need To Have A Retargeting Campaign In 2020?

  • ​Website visitors who are retargeted with display ads are more likely to convert by 70%
  • ​The click-through rate (CTR) of a retargeted ad is 10 times higher than the CTR of a typical display ad
  • 10 times higher than the CTR of a typical display ad
  • ​Studies have found that people need 7 touch points before they commit to purchasing
  • ​68% of marketing agencies and 49% of brands have a dedicated budget for retargeting (that's how important it is!)
  • ​Retargeting ads lead to a 1046% increase in branded search.
  • ​If you leverage Retargeting along with other channels (like Google, which I show you how), you can sell 50% more stuff.

Simply Put, Retargeting Will Increase Sales For Very Little Cost

​Here Is A Basic Overview Of What's Included...

  • ​Each day (of the 7 day challenge) I will send you a video (or two) of the next step in setting up the campaign. Each video is clear, concise and (importantly), completely achievable!
  • ​We will have a dedicated section of my PPC Academy (just for challenge peeps), so you can ask me questions directly about each step if you get stuck. Don’t worry if you do, it’s completely normal and I am here to help.
  • ​Note, at the end of the 7 days, you will lose access to the forum section of my PPC Academy - BUT you will still get access to the content. The only thing you lose after the 7 days, is the ability to ask me questions. Unless of course, you are wow'ed and amazed at how awesome our training is, and you decide to stick around (many do, but no obligation).
  • SPECIAL BONUS: I’m so committed to you succeeding, that you can use my in-house graphic designer to design your first set of Google Ad banners (in 4 different sizes) so your Google campaign can be up and running. You just need to send us your logo and what text you want used, and we will create the banners for you. (valued at $299)

​Cost: $39 (one time fee)

​Here Is What Some Of Our Past Challenge Participants Thought Of Our Retargeting Challenge...


​​The challenge was good. Take always we how cheap and powerful retargeting is. I’ve done a lot of selling to the news feed recently, so hadn’t given that strategy enough weight. Also how I need to get YouTube in the mix!

Great focusing exercise for me...

JAMES EAGER  //  Business Owner


As far as 7 day challenges go, I think you have well and truly over delivered in terms of both content and value. Though I knew it would be from reading your blog and some of your content.

Also, the fact that you were so interactive answering questions and giving feedback was another real point of difference that a lot of people seem to lack.

It has been amazing info, just what I needed as I'm getting started with my own and clients ads again after some time away.

TIM BAKER  //  Agency Owner


​​​​Retargeting was something on my list of things to get in place.

Watching the videos giving a step by step, go here, click this, enter that type of instruction made me feel much more confident when setting up the google and FB ad platforms.  Because I never knew if they were set up correctly, this stopped my taking action to place my first ads as I didn't know if I would be just wasting budget.

Ilana, your tone is friendly, this helps make the viewer feel at ease.  I hope this experiment was a success for you, I am so glad I joined in and took action.

Irene Conlin  //  Business Owner

​The Good News Is...

You Can Learn to Create An Awesome Retargeting Campaign in Just 7 Days!

​Here is how the 7 days look...

​Day One: Set Up Your New Facebook and Google Ad Accounts

​In the first video, I’ll show you how to create both Facebook and Google Ad accounts.

Don't worry, I'll have your back every single step of the way!

You may already have a Facebook Ad account. If so, not to worry, you are already ahead!

I'll also reveal my favorite tool for uploading tracking code (which comes next) and it’s super easy to use. Promise!

Day Two: Create and Install Facebook and Google Retargeting Codes On Your Website

​Installing the tracking codes is SUPER important to being able to do Retargeting.

Like the good ‘ol days of tape recorders, when in order to play back what you wanted to record, you had to press the 'record' button.

Installing the pixels is like pressing 'record' on the recorder. In order to access your past website visitors, you need to install the pixel.

Day Three: Crafting The Perfect Retargeting Strategy

​Strategy is the KEY to success with Retargeting and in this video, I’ll share with you the easiest (and often MOST profitable) Retargeting campaign that you can use in ANY niche.

Since we have been doing this for so long, I will also share some other examples to get you excited about the endless Retargeting opportunities that are available.

You will see, it is only limited by your imagination!

Day Four: Create Retargeting Lists

​Retargeting ‘lists’ form the basis for how a Retargeting campaign is created.

So in this video, we will share step-by-step (via a live screen walkthrough so you can follow along easily), EXACTLY how to create Retargeting ‘lists’.

Plus we will also show you how to create a dedicate list of your ‘buyers’ so you don’t make the common, money wasting mistake of showing ads to people who have already purchased!

Day Five: Set Up Conversion Tracking

​Setting up the proper tracking is critical to knowing if your ads are working.

So, in this video, we will show you how to set up conversion tracking so you will know WHICH ads are working, and equally important, which ads are NOT working.

This will help you fine tune your account so you can turn UP the WINNERS and turn OFF the LOSERS.

Day Six: Writing Your Retargeting Ads

​Writing good ads is both an art and a science.

In this video, we will share what are the ESSENTIAL components that make up a winning ad.

Plus I share some awesome examples that you can get inspiration from.

If you get stuck, I’ve got you covered. I am here to help - hence the interactive challenge. :)

Day Seven: Creating Your Retargeting Campaign

​Here is where it all comes together.

I show you (step-by-step) how to set up your Retargeting campaign and avoid ALL the common, money wasting, mistakes.

Plus, I show you how to do this on BOTH Facebook and Google Ad platforms and ALSO how it can run on auto-pilot.

​Some Frequently Asked Questions...

​Why am I charging only $39?

​Do I get access to the videos AFTER the challenge is over?

​What if I get stuck?

​WHY Learn With Ilana?

Hi, I’m Ilana Wechsler, former data analyst, turned PPC expert. I discovered the world of PPC about 10 years ago when I left the corporate world as a data analyst.

Funny, I’m actually not the usual sob story of someone who hated their job and always dreamt of being an entrepreneur – *yawn* (I swear, I’m VERY different to those ‘other’ Internet Marketers with their never-ending ‘rags to riches’ stories).

Truth is, I actually loved my job and had every intention of going back when I left for maternity leave.

But, to cut a long story short, I fell hopelessly in love with my son. Unable to bear the thought of only seeing him on week-ends, I decided to work from home.

Through a process of exploration, I discovered the world of PPC which was the perfect fit for my skills as a data analyst. I quickly fell under the spell of PPC and became even more enthusiastic when I saw the results I am getting my clients!

​Fast forward 10 years (and 3 kids later!), I’ve been running a dedicated PPC agency for many years where we manage over $1 million on behalf of clients. I also teach Google Adwoks and Google Analytics at the University of Sydney, run numerous in-person workshops and am a frequent speaker at

In fact, this year spoke at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego (you can see here) and also at Seller Summit in Florida.

I guess you could say that Pay per Click is a bit like another ‘baby’ —I’m a bit obsessed!

When I’m not helping people get amazing results from their PPC campaigns, here in Sydney. I wish I could say we simply take long walks on the beach, but the truth is ‘family time’ mainly consists of running between soccer practice and kids dance classes, as any fellow parent will know.

​Work smarter not harder in​ 2020 and grow your bu​​​​siness with hyper targeted 

Pay Per Click Retargeting ads.

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