The harsh truth is…
Google’s ad platform is a complex maze of traps.

If you set up your account without being aware of these pitfalls, you’re almost certain to fail.

In fact, it’s such a complicated platform that if you’re hoping to figure it out using trial and error, make sure you have ample cash available that you don’t mind losing.

Because you will make many costly mistakes — if you haven’t already.

This is a big reason why, according to research from Unbounce, an estimated 98% of paid ads fail.

Yet once you understand how the system works (and how it’s set up to give you a false sense of confidence), you can quickly turn your account around.

Because, as you’re about to see with Teach Traffic, you gain advantages that give you instant clarity about how, when and where to successfully run your ads.

So you’re able to invest with true confidence and get results that allow you to safely grow and scale our business.

The added bonus is, you enhance any other marketing you’re already doing.

Now, to see these types of results in your own account, the first thing you must understand is…

Google and Facebook’s ad platforms
are intended to help you run ads —
not create profitable campaigns.


This is especially the case if you’re trying to run campaigns for growing
or scaling your business. Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way.

In fact, we have one member who — once he saw how
the process works — picked up an extra 76 leads in just
one month.

Over the last year, he’s consistently seen a 150-200% return on ad spend, while making minimal adjustments to his ad account.

Another member, an online guitar instructor, doubled his membership base in just 6 months. Crazy thing is, his business keeps growing even though he spends just 10% of what he previously did on paid ads.

Yet another recently used Facebook Ads to add more than 1,200 leads to his sales funnel.

You see, about 12 years ago, I left the corporate world as a data analyst (not by choice). I was trying to learn Google Ads to help my husband grow his newly formed legal practice.

(Back then, you couldn’t even advertise on Facebook.) I still remember the sinking feeling every time I logged into my ad account. It was daunting — I felt overwhelmed because I never knew what I was looking at, let alone what to do next.

It became a constant guessing game.

Of course, I bought a bunch of books on advertising online, hoping they would guide me on what to do. But I quickly discovered the industry changes so fast that books become outdated the moment they’re printed. 

So trying to follow what’s taught in the book, is like assembling an IKEA dresser using instructions for a bookcase. 

I then moved on to YouTube videos. But none had strategy or guidance specific to my husband’s business. 

I even took Google’s beginner’s course, thinking it would surely get me going in the right direction.

Nope. It was all just so confusing. This is when I learned that …

All the default or “recommended” settings are designed to benefit Google.

Later, I discovered this is affectionately known as the “Google Idiot Tax.” And I fell for the trap.

To make matters worse, I was cutting my Google Ad teeth on legal keywords. Let me tell you, these have crazy high cost-per-clicks (CPCs) — I’m talking $40-$50 per click!

When you make mistakes in the legal niche, you lose serious money…

And believe me, I sure did!

So if you have yet to figure out Google or Facebook Ads, just know that it’s not really your fault.
The system isn’t set up for you to succeed — at least initially.

So let me share with you a quick tip
to save you several bucks and lots
of frustration right now…

In Google, the default setting is to have the Search and Display Network selected.

This has massive implications, as the Display Network has a vast reach.

If you don’t have a plan in place, you’ll quickly melt away the funds on your credit card.

So, in most cases, you should deselect the Display Network when you first start running your ads.

Another factor you must consider is your type of business. For instance, a dental practice should have a completely different strategy than an e-commerce store.

This is why, as I share in Teach Traffic, the way you structure your ad account is so important.

It’s critical to your success.

Now, of course, these aren’t suggestions you’ll get from Google Support (if you can even reach someone).
Because the default settings are what make Google insane money.

You see, most people don’t realise that the Google’s reps are actually sales people incentivised to make you spend more.

They aren’t a support staff. And speaking of support…

Whether on Google or Facebook, ever notice how difficult it is to get useful help on your account?

Even if you get lucky and reach someone, you often receive cookie-cutter answers. This gets especially frustrating when you have ads that aren’t delivering or just suddenly stop working.

Then there’s the problems that come up when ad networks crash or your account gets disabled.

You’re stuck.

As I mentioned earlier, these are the exact issues I struggled through while trying to grow my husband’s
legal practice. But since I had no other options, I persisted and persisted. Testing, tweaking and more testing, until I found what worked.

Campaigns started becoming profitable and my husband’s business began generating consistent leads.

Friends started asking me what I was
doing — they wanted my “secret sauce.”

Truth is, there wasn’t one …

And there STILL isn’t.

You just need to know how to set up campaigns
that benefit you, rather than the ad networks.

You see, once I figured this out, my husband’s
business took off.

Now, eight years later, I’ve gone from knowing nothing about online advertising to running a dedicated online advertising agency (we ONLY run Google and Facebook Ad campaigns) that manages more than $20 million in ads online (on multiple platforms).

I also speak on stage about the latest strategies at many of the world’s top internet marketing events.

(see picture from Social Media Marketing World 2020 -me speaking on the latest Google Ad strategies).

Just like inside Teach Traffic, I pull back the curtain during these talks and reveal the exact strategies we currently implement for our clients.

One of these is my proprietary step-by-step process (refined during the last eight years running my agency) for growing and scaling ad accounts profitably.

Called the Paid Traffic Puzzle, I use this exact method across niches such as dog training, forex, online business, and everything in between.

Trust me, I’ve done it all!

A brief rundown of how this process works:


The first step is retargeting because this is such low-hanging fruit. These are the corners of your paid traffic puzzle.

If you can’t get retargeting to work for your business, your problem isn’t the need for more traffic. Instead, you need to change your offer.

Remember this because it will save you headaches and lots of money.

Then, when you need to expand your reach to a larger audience, Google Search Network and Shopping campaigns come into play. These allow you to get in front of people actively looking for a product or service you provide.

The key, though, is not restricting your ads to just buying keywords. Because you’re limited by the number of people who search these terms.

So, to expand your audience even further, you add in top-of-funnel keywords — but with one key differentiator…

You only include people who are on your retargeting lists. After all, based on past history, you know these people are in a buying mode.



The next step is to expand even further by exploring the Google Display Network and YouTube. This allows you
to target people based on the content they’re
onsuming online.

You can also reach people based on behavioral targeting.

Keep in mind, everyone talks about how Facebook has insane amounts of data on people. But let me assure you Google has the same (if not more) insight into people’s online habits.

Applied correctly to ads, this data is
insanely effective.

You see, the beauty of advertising with Google is that they share so much information. For instance, when someone leaves your website, Google tells you where they go next (look in your Google Analytics).

With this knowledge, you can then advertise directly on these websites. This allows you to expand your audience even further.

And here’s the thing:
Once you have all these placements, which you already know are working on Google, you can then apply them all to Facebook… Which grows your audience even more.

Then you do the same for YouTube.

As you can see, there’s no guesswork with this process. You simply take what’s working with smaller audiences and strategically expand until…

Potential clients start
seeing you almost
everywhere online.

Again, this is the exact process we use with clients at
my agency to grow and scale businesses.

If you’re interested, we can apply it to your company, too.
The fee starts at $2,000 a month, plus your ad spend.

Now, of course, if you’re just getting started with online advertising, this arrangement may be beyond your budget.

So you also have another option…

One that doesn’t require the fees
needed to hire an ad agency.

It’s my program I mentioned a few times earlier, Teach Traffic.

As a member, you get a behind-the-scenes look at the exact steps we take to create profitable Google and Facebook Ad campaigns.

Teach Traffic is an online training community devoted to showing you, once and for all, how to grow and scale your business with pay-per-click advertising. What you see is the result of real-world campaigns and hard data. Each masterclass is based on millions of dollars of ad spent on live campaigns for clients.

Plus, the teachers inside our membership are the same individuals
who run our agency’s campaigns. In other words, they are in the
trenches every day.

And the best part is…

Inside Teach Traffic, they are “on call” for you —
available to answer your questions whenever you need them.

So you don’t have to deal with the difficulties that come with trying to communicate with Google or Facebook Support.

But your membership goes
beyond just training.

Teach Traffic is also a community of fellow like-minded business owners who buy their own traffic on Google and Facebook every day. They share what’s working and the mistakes they made.

So you’re able to learn from their mishaps and shortcut your way to profitable campaigns.

The other big
advantage is you get
FREE account reviews.


We hook up your account to my manager account, and I
record screen-sharing videos of me going through your account. So, whether on Google or Facebook, you see what’s working and what you should adjust. That way you never waste your ad spend.

You also get the unfair advantage of tapping into our knowledge based on what works from our agency accounts. These account reviews videos are available for all Teach Traffic members, allowing you to look at what other businesses do with their Google and Facebook Ads.

But you don’t just see their ads, you see how their campaigns perform, who they target and what strategies they use. So when you see an approach you like, you can simply apply it to your business.


Even if your accounts perform pretty well, this is a way for you to know if they could be doing even better.

*Note, I offer 4 free account reviews per year. Additional review credits can be purchased for a small fee.

Plus, I offer 1-on-1 mentoring on traffic buying, sales funnels, ad copy feedback and more.
And not only do you get instant access to all these resources for Google and Facebook …

Your investment in Teach Traffic is a small fraction of what’s needed to hire my agency. In fact, you simply pick what works best for your budget.

You have three membership options.

For the most comprehensive plan, you can start right now for as little as $199 a month. That’s less than $7 a day…
Or a $1,800 monthly savings over hiring my agency to run your ads.

And you still work directly with me and my team.

So you’re certain to…

  • Avoid the mistakes that cause 98% of online ads to fail.
  • Create and structure campaigns the right way — with zero guesswork.
  • Benefit from real-life case studies, allowing you to apply the exact winning strategies that deliver massive ROI for our clients.
  • Clarify what’s working through high-quality tracking, so you never waste money again on underperforming campaigns.
  • Get extensive help — whenever you need it — from several of the world’s premier PPC experts.

Simply pick an option
for your membership:


Ask Questions

Ability To Ask Unlimited Questions Online

Private Coaching Thread with Ilana Wechsler
(valued at $5,000/year)


Paid Traffic Puzzle Course (valued at $1,499)

Google Ads Masterclass (valued at $1,499)

Facebook Ads Masterclass (valued at $1,499)

Google Analytics Masterclass (valued at $1,499)

Google Ads for Local Businesses (valued at $1,499)

Google Ads Performance Max (valued at $1,499)

Recordings Of Presentations At Conferences

Monthly Live “Ask Me Anything” Zoom Call Including Recordings (valued at $8,000/year)

Guest Training Sessions by Other Experts


Free Ad Account Reviews


Weekly Mastermind Zoom Calls (max 3 people) (valued at $25,000/year)




Simply pick an option
for your membership:




Ask Questions

Training Courses:





2x month





Hear what Greg has to say about Teach Traffic
I’ve been managing Google Ads for over 10 years but learned most of my advertising skills through other smaller courses and Google resources. Those resources have been useful to show the tactical how-tos of specific tasks but were often overwhelming as they included information that I didn’t need to learn. Those resources fell short on providing a topline strategy. Ilana’s course has been a huge help for me to fill in the gaps from my past training, and also provides excellent strategic advice based on her many years of experience. Once I started reviewing course materials, I quickly discovered tips on tactics and strategies that I was able to implement right away to improve my clients’ accounts. I only wish I’d found her course sooner!
Christina Kettman
Over the years we have used a number of Agencies to manage our PPC campaigns without really getting any significant return on our ad-spend. After being told about Ilana and her training program we thought before we give up on PPC, we’d give it a go at learning how to manage our own account. Being sceptical, I first did her free Facebook training course to test it out. The course was simple to follow and straight forward to implement and in the first month of running the campaign, we generated an extra 76 leads! So I had no hesitation in joining the membership and immediately completed the Google Ads courses. It’s now been over a year since I completed the training and I can report that we consistently get a return on ad spend of between 150-200% and I only spend a small amount of time tweaking the account. Ilana was always there to help with any questions that I had and her passion for PPC and teaching always showed.
Mark Standeven
“Ilana is a real professional, extremely knowledgeable, fast and precise in her support and a great source of help for everything Google Ads related. I enjoyed being part of her support community and she helped me tremendously. Highly recommended to everyone who wants to get a great return on their Ads Investments and needs someone to help with daily challenges and campaign related questions.”
“If you’re hoping to grow your traffic through paid ads, Teach Traffic is simply the best training and coaching available today. Ilana is a seasoned pro and a delight to work with. Her passion for helping business owners grow their businesses shines through. So does her hard-won knowledge of what “traps” we should steer clear of. Ilana makes marketing fun. She teaches how to make every dollar count. She’s a great coach, and she cares about her clients. Teach Traffic offers everything you need to bring your business to the next level through paid advertising. Highly recommended.”
Bill Giovannetti (Veritas School of Biblical Ministry)
We had a fantastic experience working with Ilana from Green Arrow Digital. We were put in touch through referrals by a colleague. They really are the go-to company for all your google and facebook marketing needs. She helped us diagnose issue with our existing campaign and provided excellent advice that got us from zero google patients last week to 4 in a day!
There’s an easy way to up your PPC game. It’s called Teach Traffic. I would recommend Ilana’s training to anyone interested in making more money from paid traffic.
Gary Elley
First off, just wanted to say thanks for the course. As far as 7 day challenges go, I think you have well and truly over delivered in terms of both content and value. Also, the fact that you were so interactive answering questions and giving feedback was another real point of difference that a lot of people seem to lack. It has been amazing info, just what I needed as I’m getting started with my own and clients ads again after some time away. Once again, really appreciate the challenge and as far as feedback goes, it was definitely top quality.
Tim Baker
” Great job on all your training videos. I went from not knowing much to now having a better foundation of Google/FB ads due to you and your courses so thank you! I can now talk and analyze much more confidently than before. It really was money well spent”
Brian (Hotshots Axe Throwing)
“I learned so much from Ilana’s program at Teach Traffic. She walks you through the entire process, step by step in the course videos. I liked being able to go at my own pace and watch them whenever I had time.”
Adam W. Dallas, Texas
“Ilana and all of her trainings brought me a new perspective of how paid advertising should work. I have some years of experience on the subject, but have rarely seen someone talk about it in such a simple and objective way. The Paid Traffic Puzzle is a simple, yet super complete approach that will definitely take my paid media strategy to the next level. I’m looking forward to the results I’ll get after I finish implementing everything I’ve learned!”
Leo Kolesnikovas

You Ready???

If you are ready to take your PPC campaigns (and therefore business) to the next level,
then I’d love to help you in Teach Traffic.

I will personally help you grow your business using the strategies we use each and every day.

When you join, you’re not locked into a long-term contract. You can stick around for however long you need help with your Google and Facebook Ad accounts.

Your Teach Traffic membership gives you instant access to all the content. You can learn at your own pace or binge watch (Netflix style) everything at once .

And to make certain you’re always on top of any new changes or updates in the PPC space…

New content is added all the time.

Plus, you’re always welcome to request additional information on any subject that will help your business move forward. I suggest you get as much help as possible.

Because the way I see it, you have three options:

  • Option #1
    Do absolutely nothing and stay where you are right now.

    If you’re content with where your business sits today, that’s no problem. You at least have the foundation for a PPC strategy now that you can apply when you’re ready or have the need to grow or scale your company.

  • Option #2
    Do all your Google and Facebook Ads yourself.

    If you’re willing to work hard, test concepts and spend lots of extra time in front of your computer, you might be able to pull this off. There’s a lot you can learn through trial and error, but it often gets frustrating and extremely expensive.

  • Option #3
    Let us do all the heavy lifting for you.

    We’ll walk you through campaigns, share our mistakes and give you proven strategies — specific to your business — for Google and Facebook Ads that work right now. The bottom line is, we’ll put our experience to work for you. All you need to do is follow our lead.

Of these three options, ask yourself…
Which one is certain to bring you the new results you want for your business?

Since you made it this far, I sense you’re an action-taker who’s ready to start growing your business right now.

So select your membership option today
and let’s get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

Great question!

When you join, you will be greeted with a wealth of great content that you can learn at your own pace (or binge watch, if you’re so inclined). New content is added regularly so you’ll always be at the forefront of what is happening in the PPC space. Plus, you are welcome to request additional information on any subject that you think will help you move forward

The truth is, in this industry, change is the ONLY constant. Did you know, AdWords made over 400 changes to their AdWords system last year? That is more than 1 per day! Ditto with Facebook!

So the Academy will be an express train to keep you up-to-date on the latest strategies which
will be critical to your ongoing success and your ability to keep one step ahead of your competition

You bet! Not only can you ask questions and get advice, support and feedback from me online;
but we also run monthly Q&A sessions, where you can pre-submit your questions or even askthem live.

Plus, we have Private Threads where you and I can have a discussion which is NOT VISIBLE to anyone else in the membership. I created this as I know there are sensitivities around sharing campaign data,
ad copy etc. So, I’ve got you covered there.

Obviously I’d love it if all of our members stuck around forever–but I know that isn’t always possible.

If you do decide to cancel obviously I’ll be very sad, but you can do so easily with a couple of
clicks of a mouse.