Do any of the following describe your situation?

  • You’re too afraid to even start with PPC. You are petrified by the horror stories of thousands of wasted dollars, accounts inexplicably shut down or endless fruitless hours.
  • You’ve spent countless hours searching YouTube videos, trying to crack the code on how to set up your Google Ads Account or Facebook Ads Manager but you’re still totally lost
  • You’ve run AdWords / Facebook Ads for a while but you’re only getting ‘meh’ results (even though deep down you could be doing so much better).
  • You’ve got your campaigns ticking along. Your results are ‘acceptable’. But you can’t get rid of the sinking suspicion you are haemorrhaging money (and you are clueless how to stop it).

Worst part?

You’re at a complete loss who to turn to for quality advice and support.

Apparently, everyone and their brother seems to be a PPC or Facebook ad ‘guru’… it’s impossible to know who you can trust.

There’s just SO MUCH NOISE!

If you can relate to any of the above, I promise you’re not alone.



I was personally fed up with hearing stories about good people with great businesses not getting excellent results from their PPC campaigns.

People who got ensnared in the sleazy traps of Internet Marketers (a.k.a. Facebook/PPC experts who have been doing this for a total of 3 minutes) who promise outrageous results ($146,837 profit from $1 of ad spend anyone?) with their ‘secret tricks’.

(Please don’t get me started ….)

Truth is… I couldn’t stand on the sidelines any longer watching good people get fleeced by unscrupulous snake oil salesmen.

But the good news is that is now ALL BEHIND YOU.

Hear what Greg has to say about Teach Traffic

I've been managing Google Ads for over 10 years but learned most of my advertising skills through other smaller courses and Google resources. Those resources have been useful to show the tactical how-tos of specific tasks but were often overwhelming as they included information that I didn't need to learn. Those resources fell short on providing a topline strategy.

Ilana's course has been a huge help for me to fill in the gaps from my past training, and also provides excellent strategic advice based on her many years of experience. Once I started reviewing course materials, I quickly discovered tips on tactics and strategies that I was able to implement right away to improve my clients' accounts. I only wish I'd found her course sooner!

Christina Kettman

Within 2 days of launching one campaign, I have actually generated 2 real good leads, which is good for me, because this is the first time I have generated good leads
from adwords.


There's an easy way to up your PPC game. It's called Green Arrow Digital. I would recommend Ilana's training to anyone interested in making more money from paid traffic.

Gary Elley

"I recently engaged Ilana to help run a Facebook promotion and she was delightful to work with and completely on top of Facebook info. I found her to be generous, honest, interested and not just your run of the mill 'hire'. I eagerly anticipate the time when I need her services again - I felt like I was working with a true friend. I am unhesitating in recommending her."

Toni Powel

"When I first reached out to Ilana for help with my Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising I was really stuck. I was spending money every month on advertising but not getting the results I wanted. Ilana coached me in best practices for each platform and we put together a strategy that would help me achieve my goals. In only a short time I started getting great results. In my last campaign, I was thrilled to get over 1,200 leads into my sales funnel through Facebook Ads thanks to the advice from Ilana. These leads made a huge difference to the sales we made of our online course. I highly recommend Ilana for anyone who wants to effectively use Google Adwords or Facebook Ads to grow their business"

Clinton Power


What makes us different?

That’s easy.

What we teach you is the result of REAL LIFE campaigns and HARD DATA. (Not guess work).

All of our lessons are based on millions of dollars of ad spend on real life campaigns. Everything we teach has been tried and tested on both our products as well as our clients’ products.

Plus the teachers inside our membership are the same individuals who run our agency’s campaigns. In other words, they are in the trenches, each and every day.

They know exactly what works (and doesn’t) from real life experience.

Best part?

Inside Teach Traffic, they are ‘on call’ for you–available to answer all your questions.

Here Are 5 Reasons You should Join Teach Traffic

You will…

  • AVOID THE MISTAKES 99% of advertisers make when they run PPC ads
  • 2
  • Learn how to create and structure campaigns the RIGHT way through step-by-step video tutorials. ZERO guesswork required! (We also have the step-by-step guides in PDF format, to make it easy for you).
  • 3
  • Benefit from real-life case studies drawn from our agency clients who have already gotten a substantial ROI so you can apply the EXACT SAME winning strategies.
  • 4
  • Discover how to set up high-quality tracking, so you know with clarity, what is working and therefore never waste money on under-performing campaigns EVER AGAIN.
  • 5
  • Tap into the knowledge and expertise of Ilana Wechsler, a premiere PPC expert, international keynote speaker who has taught PPC to hundreds of business owners and university students!

What’s included?

Below is a list of everything that is included...
all under one roof!


Ask Questions

Ability To Ask Unlimited Questions Online

Private Thread (between you and Ilana that no one else can see)


Google Ads Masterclass

Facebook Ads Masterclass

Google Analytics Masterclass

Recordings Of Presentations At Conferences

Monthly Live Q & A Sessions


Account Reviews (audit of ad account shared in community)

Account Review (not shared in community)

2x 1-on-1 Strategy Session





If you are ready to take your PPC campaigns (and therefore business) to the next level, then I’d like to officially invite you to join the Teach Traffic PPC Academy.

I will personally help you grow your business using the strategies we use each and every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you be adding new content, or is everything there already?

    Great question!

    When you join, you will be greeted with a wealth of great content that you can learn at your own pace (or binge watch, if you’re so inclined). New content is added regularly so you’ll always be at the forefront of what is happening in the PPC space. Plus, you are welcome to request additional information on any subject that you think will help you move forward.

  • I already have campaigns that are running and profitable, how do I know I will get value?

    The truth is, in this industry, change is the ONLY constant.

    Did you know, AdWords made over 400 changes to their AdWords system last year? That is more than 1 per day! Ditto with Facebook!

    So the Academy will be an express train to keep you up-to- date on the latest strategies which will be critical to your ongoing success and your ability to keep one step ahead of your competition.

  • Can I get one-on-one help and support?

    You bet! Not only can you ask questions and get advice, support and feedback from me online; but we also run monthly Q&A sessions, where you can pre-submit your questions or even ask them live.

    Plus, we have Private Threads where you and I can have a discussion which is NOT VISIBLE to anyone else in the membership. I created this as I know there are sensitivities around sharing campaign data, ad copy etc. So, I’ve got you covered there.

  • What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?

    Obviously I’d love it if all of our members stuck around forever – but I know that isn’t always possible. If you do decide to cancel obviously I’ll be very sad, but you can do so easily with a couple of clicks of a mouse.