Want To Discover How To Create Simple, Easy to Understand (And Profitable) Google Ads Campaigns?

(without having to learn all the confusing parts of Google Ads you are never going to need to know)

Do you know the ONE THING that separates successful business owners who MASTER the art of buying traffic (and are then flooded with leads and sales) while the rest of the other business owners struggle and burn their hard earned money into the bottomless pit of Google Ads.

Being able to learn from, and be guided by, someone who has managed over $30 million dollars in ad spend, and KNOWS first hand, what works regardless of your industry, and also what DOESN’T work.

What you never hear about are the struggling business owners who just can’t get Google Ads to work and end up relying solely on Facebook Ads (a risky move, given Facebook banning ad accounts for no reason at all).

Who are completely overwhelmed and confused by the sheer size of the Google Ad platform and just end up throwing their hands in the air.

Who know, (deep down), that Google Ads should work for their business… heck all their competitors are doing it and it looks like it’s working for those businesses… so it should be able to work for them…

What you ALSO never hear about, are the business owners who TRIED and failed, only to be too scared to dip their toe in again.

Does this sound familiar?  

If any of this sounds familiar, then keep reading.

Cause what I’m about to tell you could very well be the most pivotal (and profitable) tweak of your business.

The tweak where you can clearly go from being confused by Google Ads...

... to FINALLY understanding it and utilizing it to it’s best potential.

As let me guess… 

You’ve tried to understand Google Ads.

Many times.

You’ve maybe even tried to create your own campaigns.

Diligently followed all the default settings Google puts in.

Only to log back in and see all your money vanished in about 3 micro seconds.

As you then discovered, that those default settings were designed to make Google MORE money, at your expense!

This is affectionately known in the industry as the “Google Stupidity Tax”.

You know what though?

It doesn’t have to be this way...

What if...

you could FINALLY learn how to run the easy,
and PROFITABLE campaigns…

WITHOUT the confusion

WITHOUT having to pay the crazy high agency fees

​WITHOUT being tied to your agency for as long as you will be needing leads…which is like, FOREVER!

Which is why, I’m thrilled to announce our new online course:

Hi, I’m ​Ilana Wechsler.

As the CEO of Green Arrow Digital, a dedicated PPC agency, I’ve run Google Ad campaigns on behalf of business owners for over 7 years.

I’ve spent well over $30 million dollars in ad spend on behalf of clients in that whole time.

​Most of it profitably. You can’t win ‘em all, right!

So, I can safely say, I know a thing or two about buying traffic.

And, over the years, regardless of what industry you are in, I’ve come to know what works, and just as importantly, what doesn’t.

And what I’ve noticed is that there are some aspects of Google Ads, which work EVERY TIME!

In an agency, it’s kind of like my
secret weapon - as they are easy wins I can get for clients.

So, in my latest course, I will personally be showing you the parts of Google Ads that work.

Here’s the cool part. 

​You don’t have to be a data nerd, and pay thousands in agency fees to achieve the same kinds of results!


Coz, I'm going to show you exactly HOW to do it.

I am a trained instructor (I’ve been teaching in person workshops at Sydney University for the last 3 years) and can turn a complicated ad platform into an easy-to-follow road map you can use immediately. ​

​So, let me ask you…

  • ​Do you wish you kissed your digital agency goodbye — and finally learnt how to do it yourself, without the agency fees?
  • ​What if in a mere 1 hour per week, you could see precisely what is working—and what isn’t?
  • ​Be able to get help directly from someone (yours truly :)) who has done this a million+ times and get any question you might have answered - I log into the membership EVERY DAY!
  • ONLY run the campaigns that work: and not waste time learning parts of Google Ads which you are NEVER going to use.
  • Imagine the confidence you’d gain from knowing how to buy traffic profitably and then use that knowledge in OTHER areas of business. I guarantee it will give you more ideas than you can handle.

​Here’s My Story:  

Since the day I founded Green Arrow Digital, 7+ years ago, I’ve spent a tonne of time learning and testing Google Ads and refining my knowledge.

After years of obsessing, I realised my fatal flaw:

I was too focused on learning ALL parts of the Google Ad platform, rather than just focusing on what ALWAYS works

Thing is, Google Ads is a bit of a beast of an ad platform.

There is:
  • Google Search
  • Google Display Network
  • Google Shopping
  • ​YouTube

And...I kept asking myself...  

  • ​“Is a local dentist really going to run a complicated YouTube ad campaign?"
  • ​“Why am I bothering applying the Google Display Network, when this local podiatrist is NEVER going to need it?”
  • ​“How do all the pieces fit together?” ​
Plus, if an ad agency is running your Google Ad campaigns...

... have you ever wondered what EXACTLY they are doing?

It might feel like they are just taking your money and doing NOTHING.

Have you ever felt the same way about your Google Ads campaigns?

Have you wondered what’s working in your Google Ads account and what’s not? 

Was your agency able to easily answer the all-important question:

  • “What changes have you made this month?” or
  • "Why isn’t this working?”

It doesn’t feel good when you have little idea what is going on and can’t get the answers you need.

And if you’re anything like me, you care a lot about getting things right.

But the truth is…

Google Ads is getting harder!

Constant changes...More automation...

Without knowing what is working, how can you justify increasing ad spend or even continuing with the ads?

The solution is easier than you think.

But it involves embracing Google Ads.

Teaching yourself Google Ads might SEEM way too hard to figure out.

I thought the same thing.

But here is the difference.

This new course, is teaching you ONLY the parts to Google Ads that you NEED.

And NOT the confusing and complicated parts, that you will NEVER need.

​Check Out This Amazing Course

The Google Ads Lite course is an INTERACTIVE course where you can ASK ME QUESTIONS as you go along.
I will teach you how to create a simple Google Search and Retargeting campaign from scratch.

Here’s what you’ll discover…



​You’ll gain a helicopter view of where Google Ads fits into the marketing equation and which part of Google Ads you will be learning. 


​Module 2: SET-UP

​You’ll be able to track where your prospects and customers come from and how to track all of your marketing efforts. You’ll learn how to create conversion tracking, retargeting audiences and link your Google Ads account to Google Analytics. This will give you a secondary dimension of the data to get a deeper understanding of your traffic.



​You’ll discover how to determine what are the best keywords you should be bidding on. I will also show you spy tools so you can see what keywords your COMPETITORS are bidding on. We will also build a NEGATIVE keyword list to prevent your ads from showing for money wasting terms.



​In this module, you’ll understand how to write compelling ads which people click on — the key to everything! You’ll also discover the latest ad variation which is getting the best results for our clients in our agency.



​You’ll discover how to create your first search campaign, step by step. You’ll also AVOID all the common, money wasting mistakes that everyone makes if try to do this themselves.



​I’ll show you how to add extra real-estate to your ad, WITHOUT having to pay any extra. This means, your ad will take up more real-estate, that will push your competitors further down the page. This gets great results on mobile traffic, which is only increasing.



​​You’ll gain a helicopter view of where Google Ads fits into the marketing equation and which part of Google Ads you will be learning.



​This is the secret sauce to success. Now that everything is set up correctly, you’ll discover how to see what IS working, and equally important, what is NOT working. This means, you can stop wasting money on what is NOT working, and put more money towards what IS working.



​With the HUGE increase in mobile search, you’ll discover how to create CALL ONLY ad campaigns - i.e, these ad types make the phone ring, as the visitor doesn’t go to your website at all!

As you can see, we start from the beginning and the course is short, sharp and straight to the point.
All the stuff you need, without the stuff you DON’T need.

Not sure you’ll be able to master Google Ads?

​Here is some recent feedback I received from my workshop at
Social Media Marketing World in February this year:

​“Can’t wait to try the methods she taught today on some google ads. Ilana was awesome!”

​“Excellent content, practical approach - Great session!”

​​“Good presentation. Loved the case studies woven in to help see how she applied what she was teaching.”

​“Very practical and helpful throughout the presentation. I have a lot of actionable items to go back to my job with.”

​“Ilana was amazing. This was a very complicated subject which I am just beginning to work with and she made it easy to understand. She stayed after to answer everyone's questions 1on1. Please include more sessions like this in the future!”

What Are Your Options?

Well, you can… 

  • Hire an agency to manage Google Ads for you. You’ll be at the mercy of someone else, and it will slow down your ability to make decisions. Managing your own data is MUCH easier than you think.
  • Hire me privately for one-on-one coaching. You’ll get all the same benefits, but it will cost thousands of dollars.
  • Or… you can join this deep dive online seminar for a MUCH smaller investment. You’ll get all the same training I would give you in a one-on-one situation, only in a group-coaching environment. And you’ll walk away equipped to answer the “Is Google Ads working?” question yourself—anytime.

        The cost of doing nothing is much higher…

  • Keep trying to figure Google Ads out on your own and risk paying the Google Rookie Tax
  • Keep paying your existing Google Ad agency to do… who knows what. 
  • Missing out on growing your business by doing nothing at all. 

​​So, What Is The Google Ads Seminar Really Worth? ​

​The truth is… you should more than triple the ROI of this training!

​​Here are 3 good reasons why…

  • ​With the knowledge I’m going to help you to understand… you could easily save thousands of dollars on agency fees.
  • ​The money you SAVE on agency fees, you can spend MORE on high-converting ads that are generating you sales.
  • ​When you start identifying which campaigns work and which don’t… you’ll find that it doesn’t actually take that long to manage your ads on-going - like 1 hour per week.

​If the only thing this seminar did for you was…

  • ​Help you stop the leaks in your Google ad spending…
  • ​Show you how to understand how Google Ads works so you can have educated discussions with your existing agency and they can’t pull the wool over your eyes.
  • ​Justify every dollar of marketing budget to your boss…
  • ​Give you the confidence to make better marketing decisions…
  • ​Help you see if Google Ads is really working and what you can do about it…

Any one of those benefits would be worth the cost of this seminar alone.

But the Google Ads Lite delivers on all FIVE of these outcomes!

​Full Disclosure:

​I could charge more for this training, but I want to give you INSANE value so you decide to upgrade to my full membership.

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